Posted by: Jennifer Sage | December 7, 2007

Work gets in the way of Reaching Your Peak!

Do you ever think that your work gets in the way of having what you want in life, of Reaching Your Peak?  On one hand you might think that your work is (or should be) the means to having it all, but if that’s the case, why are so many people working harder and harder than ever, but still getting nowhere, and coming no closer to their goals?  You work so hard, you can’t stay fit, your eating habits are the pits, you see your family less and less, you’re sick more often…  

Does this sound like you?  Doesn’t it just suck?

And for those who DO make a good income, but do so at the expense of their own health because of stress, long hours, fatigue, etc… I have a question for you.   Is it really worth it?  

I’ll use my job history as an example.  I began in 1978 in fast food, did secretarial work, sold health club memberships, and taught aerobics. After college lots of temp firms and corporate sales jobs, moonlighted as an editor, taught English in France, was a bicycle tour guide in Europe.  After graduate school, I did the corporate thing, but quit and moved to Vail to be a waitress, teach skiing, paint houses, write a fitness column, and be a massage therapist. Then 12 years ago I morphed into my current career of personal training, coaching and Spinning.  

I don’t mean to make this into a “Bio” for Jennifer Sage.  My point is, everything I’ve done has been to trade my time for money. And nothing I did, even the higher paying corporate jobs, was going to make me financially independent.  There was always a cap to my earnings.  

I learned a valuable lesson from a massage client a few years ago that set my mind in motion to seek a way out of this work-till-you-drop pattern.

These clients live in Manhattan and have a beautiful ski home in Vail.  He retired fairly young and they have an amazing life. I came to their house to give them each a 1.5-hr massage once a week.  Once while working on him, he told me that as long as I was trading my hours for money, even at $125 an hour or more, I would never make much. You have only so many hours to give.  You should find a way to own your own company, hire others to do the work, and find a residual income.  I never forgot that.  

Over the past few years, I’ve been reading more and more from financial experts (not the kind that tell you to put your money safely away into a mutual fund at 8%, but mavericks like Robert Kiyosaki who wrote Rich Man Poor Man).  

Having a residual income is the only way to go if financial freedom is your goal, not hourly or salary (but if you want to work 60+ hrs a week for the rest of your life, read no further).  It is what allows you to take those long vacations whenever you want, build your dream home, give more to your favorite charities, create a future for your children and grandchildren, and have time to play when you retire.

Since then, I’ve been looking for ways to have a residual income, while still pursuing the things that I am passionate about.

I believe in the Law of Attraction, and residual income has become a dominant thought. And since this Law is foolproof, it brought me what I was asking. Last year I met a woman who showed me a business opportunity that is forever changing my life. It sort of just fell into my lap. 

I was completely floored by the company – never before had I seen anything like it, and from a scientific point of view, the products made so much sense.  It’s a cutting-edge vitamin based on scientific testing.  Not just waving your hand over a light and saying “you need these antioxidants”, but true laboratory analysis on what your body needs and a custom designed vitamin based on the results of your test.  Since my background is in wellness, I actually read the fine print of the scientific literature and scoured the website of the labs they used.

All I could think was, “Oh my God.  This is so amazing!”  No other vitamin company is doing what they are doing.  Naturopathic doctors and nutritionists around the country use the same lab, Metametrix, to test their clients, but they charge much, much more for the same tests and products.

OK, so that’s the product in a very brief nutshell.  There are more products and soooo much more to tell you if you’re interested,  (if so email me).  But the business?  Could I start a business like this, when I was already so busy with several of my own businesses?  

Well, my mind brought me back to the prospect of a residual income….  I know I needed to begin the process to establish that in my life.  And this business is truly on the cutting edge, with a HUGE market (millions), and it is poised to go from small to big in the next 18 months.

I knew that the future belongs to those who see the possibilities before they become obvious. 

So I dived in, and I haven’t looked back!  I am 100% convinced that this company will help me Reach My Financial Peak. The residual income will eventually allow me to play and travel and not work so hard and realize all my goals and dreams.  And that’s something trading an hour of my time will never offer me!

This company is in a phase called Popular Growth, at the point where the growth curve is rising steeply upwards.  It has built its foundation for the past 11 years, and all signs point to impressive growth in the next 6-18 months.  Those who get into this business now, prior to this explosion, are the ones who have the opportunity to become millionaires. Think about it – most of the people you’ve heard of who have made an incredible amount of money were in the right place at the right time (and had the foresight to take advantage of the opportunity).

This company IS in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.  This country is ready for this product.  It’s not another “me too” company selling the same thing in a different package; it’s not a juice of the month.  It’s simply the highest quality, most absorbable customized multivitamin that you can get.  Anywhere!  (And reasonably priced, too). 

You don’t want to start a business with a company who has already gone through popular growth – your chances of success are very limited; the same if you join too early, prior to the foundation being established.  

So I know I have found a company whose timing is right!

Intrigued?  Let me at least tell you about it, and show you a 5-minute online presentation.  It can never hurt, and you just might fall into the most amazing opportunity of your life, and join me on the path to financial freedom, while also helping those you meet obtain optimal health. 

Want to find out the name of this cutting-edge company?  Whether you just want to learn more abut the products, or are interested in taking a look at the business opportunity, Email me

This might be your opportunity to get your work out of the way of Reaching Your Peak and realize the life of your dreams!  

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