My name is Jennifer Sage and I am passionate about helping people to Reach their Peak in all areas of their lives.

My background and experience is primarily in health and fitness. I have a degree in Exercise Science and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, and a Master Instructor for Team Spinning International.  As a Master Instructor, I travel around the country certifying instructors, teaching continuing education in Spinning, coaching and exercise physiology, and presenting at fitness conferences.  I am also a former ski instructor at Vail Mountain in Colorado. 

I specialize in metabolic exercise testing (VO2 max, lactate threshold and Resting Metabolic Assessments) and also own an amazing home-based business selling the finest customized vitamins available (based on a metabolic test, very similar to the exercise testing I do to create customized exercise programs based on your metabolic response to exercise). 

I’ve been presenting at fitness conferences for almost 10 years on all areas of fitness and coaching, and am in the process of adding to my repertoire lectures on the Law of Attraction and how to Reach Your Peak in all areas of your life: health, fitness, nutrition, financial, personal and spiritual! 

The Law of Attraction has worked so beautifully in my life, and the purpose of my blog is to help you learn how to apply it in your life so you can achieve your goals and dreams! 

In my other life, I also own a bicycle tour company, taking people to Europe to Reach Their Peak travel dreams! 

Can I help you Reach Your PeakContact me! 


  1. hi jennifer….

    i will be using your wordes in my head…reach your peak….reach your peak…excellent

  2. Hi Jennifer, great writing! I really like your upbeat messages and clarity. I feel so energized when I read of your achievements. You are truly leading a life based on the principles of the LOA, proof that if you think it, you can Be it!

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